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Two of my besties, A.J. Pine & Megan Erickson, fellow writers and critique partners, tagged me in a post to share my page 7 from a work-in-progress. This is from FINDING DANDELION, the companion novel to DEAREST CLEMENTINE.

* * *
Music blares on the stereo behind me, but I’m too tired from this afternoon’s workout to budge. I look across the room and laugh.

“Dude, your sister is drunk.”

Sammy is slouched in the chair with her Magic 8 Ball, staring at it like it has all the answers. Her brother Nick, my roommate, barely spares a glance in her direction before he goes back to his cards.

“Don’t even think about fucking my sister, Jax.”

I punch him in the arm. “You’re an asshole. You know that there are two kinds of girls I never touch—little sisters and roommates.”

Nick’s eyebrow lifts. “I’ve seen your sister’s roommates. You’ve never gotten any of that action?”

Air rushes out of my closed mouth. “Are you kidding? She’d chop up my balls and feed them to me if I ever got close to one of them. She’s a little protective.” If nothing else, my twin is fierce.

I don’t mention that whole fiasco freshman year.

Sammy laughs hysterically at nothing in particular and shakes her Magic 8 Ball. “Is there one guy out there for me who will love me forever?” She peers into the black triangle at the bottom of the ball. Her face lights up as she reads, “It is decidedly so.”

I roll my eyes. Grabbing my beer, I take a drink and scroll through the texts on my phone. Kelly, Jamie, Emma. They’re hot. Katie. Lanie. They’re hotter.

My mind wanders to that girl outside the pizza parlor, the one who held the door open for me. I don’t know why I’m thinking about her. She was beautiful but looked young without any makeup. Kind of innocent and wide-eyed. No, definitely not my type.

I go back to the girls in my contacts list, but the sound of the water sloshing about in that dumb ball distracts me from planning my weekend.

“Sam, I hate to break it to you, but that’s all crap. I hope you know that ‘cause I like you too much to let you think there’s one perfect guy out there.”

Nick’s little sister is a senior in high school, and she’s a pretty little thing, but she needs to wise up or some dick like me will break her heart. Only it won’t be me.

She ignores my comment and shakes the ball. “Is there one perfect girl out there for Jax Avery who will help him get past his man whoring ways?” She narrows her eyes as she reads the message that floats to the top, “It is decidedly so.”

Nick barks out a laugh. “How much did you drink? Dad is going to kick my ass if you go home tomorrow with a hangover.” He goes back to his hand and murmurs, “Cause you’d have to be drunk if you think that’s in the cards for Jax.”

Sammy hiccups and then groans like it hurt. She turns to me. “Doesn’t it feel empty? Don’t you want something with meaning?”

This girl needs to stop watching so many chick flicks.

I take a long drag of my beer. “It has meaning. It means I get laid with no strings. That’s a beautiful thing.”

She makes a face like I just took a crap in her dinner. I don’t have the energy to explain why relationships are such a bad idea, but if she were to take a two-minute look at my parents, she’d be on my side.

I reach over for a slice of pizza and ignore the hollowness in my chest. “What time is our team meeting tomorrow?”

Nick squints at me. “It’s at 3, but you should get there early. I hear Coach Patterson is a hard ass.”

“I can handle it.” I continue scrolling through my phone, contemplating how to spend the next 24 hours before soccer completely consumes my life. I’m thinking Katie tonight and maybe Lanie tomorrow afternoon.

As I’m about to look up Katie’s number, my screen lights up. Natasha. Even better. We’re friends with benefits. Minus the friends part.

“What are you doing tonight?”

Smiling, I write back. “Making you scream my name.”

Not a minute goes by before she responds. “Perfect. I’ll be by in 20.”

Sammy sighs at me from across the table like she knows what I’m planning. “Some day, a girl is going to kick you on your ass, Jax. I hope I’m here to see it.”

Why is a teenager lecturing me about my sex life?

“In your dreams, kid. I don’t get attached.”

I learned that lesson a long time ago. Girls are like beer. Here to bookend the important things.


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