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I’m not a big advocate of resolutions despite the fact that I love the concept of wiping the slate clean. Unfortunately, the promises that get made on January 1 can sometimes feel a little gimmicky, like the Hail Mary pass made at the end of the fourth quarter. Not that you can’t win a game with one of those, but I’d rather have four quarters of solid play than the gut-wrenching feeling that comes with a last ditch effort. If I’m going to make a resolution, then I’m going to eat, sleep and breathe those words for the next twelve months. So to make sure I stay focused on my goals, I’ve kept them simple this year:

1. Create my blog. (Check!)

2. Self-publish the two books I’ve already written. (This is scary shit! What if no one likes my books? Holy crap, that’s an entry for another day.)

3. Write my third novel and publish the hell out of that one too.

4. Work out more. (Let’s pretend I didn’t just eat pizza for dinner!)

I should add that the last time I wrote a list of resolutions on New Year’s day, it included “having a baby.” I had twins nine months later. No lie. Guess I’m an all or nothing kind of girl. Except when it comes to pizza…

What are your resolutions? Hit me up.

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