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Posted: April 24, 2016 in Shameless
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I just wanted to share the beautiful cover for SHAMELESS, my adult contemporary romance that’s on SALE during the preorder for 99 cents. It releases this Tuesday, April 26.

A big hug to Lauren Perry for taking these stunning photos and to Najla Qamber for this incredible design. This cover totally captures the novel, and I hope you’ll pick it up.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00014]



What the hell do I know about raising a baby? Nothing. Not a goddamn thing.

Yet here I am, the sole guardian of my niece. I’d be lost if it weren’t for Katherine, the beautiful girl who seems to have all the answers. Katherine, who’s slowly finding her way into my cynical heart.

I keep reminding myself that I can’t fall for someone when we don’t have a future. But telling myself this lie and believing it are two different things.


When Brady shows up on a Harley, looking like an avenging angel—six feet, three inches of chiseled muscle, eyes the color of wild sage, and sun-kissed skin emblazoned with tattoos—I’m not sure if I should fall at his feet or run like hell. Because if I tell him what happened the night his family died, he might hate me.

What I don’t count on are the nights we spend together trying to forget the heartache that brought us here. I promise him it won’t mean anything, that I won’t fall in love.

I shouldn’t make promises I can’t keep.

shameless teaser 4 inferno (1)

*** Preorder for 99 cents ***

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