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If you’ve tried to enter this giveaway on my FB page, you might not be able to click on this link or share it because FB has decided it doesn’t want you to. There’s nothing wrong with it. Your computer won’t explode if you click on it. Famine and floods won’t ensue. Locusts won’t rain down from the sky. Puppies won’t be harmed. So please help me fight the fuckers at FB by doing the following:

1. Enter the giveaway by clicking below. It’s a RC link. (I don’t want to say the full name in case FB can detect it. Call me paranoid… I am at this point.)


2. Go to my author page and like/comment. I will love you forever. (Sharing and tagging are not required, but if you do that, I will totally tackle hug you.) And I will also pick a $10 gift card winner from the FB comments/tags/shares on THIS blog post on my FB author page.

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And I suppose this is also a good time to tell you that my next book, SHAMELESS, will be out this spring! *twirls* It’s Brady’s story, and it takes place in Texas. (You might remember him from Finding Dandelion. He’s the hot guy who gave Dani her tattoo.) As always, SHAMELESS is a complete standalone. I’ll have more details soon.

Happy holidays, lovelies. xoxo